Google SEO

I rarely describe classic search engine optimization (SEO) here in the blog. Nevertheless, it makes sense to regularly revise your company or freelance website so that it can be found better in Google search.

After all, the search engine leader now has more than 3.5 billion search queries per day – this corresponds to a market share of 92 percent. Bing (2.6 percent) or Yahoo (1.85 percent) are therefore not really alternatives.

Indian IT provider Dot Com Infoway (DCI) has recently compiled the most important tips that should help companies to improve the performance of their website when searching on Google.

Local search is particularly important for many small businesses and traders. After all, four out of five users use search engines to find information about local businesses and companies. On the smartphone, there are nine out of ten. In order to be found well here, websites must also work on mobile devices and be readable without fades or other errors.

The topic of backlinks and matching keywords also plays a role in the local area, namely by upgrading your website by linking to suitable sites on site. In addition, suitable location-related keywords are used: Because the search with operators such as “Near me” / “In my vicinity” has grown by a whopping 900 percent in the past two years.

Many more such and similar tips for different search forms and also classic website SEO in the following infographic – click twice to enlarge:


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