The spread of the novel coronavirus has interrupted how graduates were preparing to enter the job market. Uncertainty about job opportunities and disruption to regular routines has led students to a stressful job search. To provide ease to students, Perspectico, an edtech startup launches an AI-Based job preparation platform for college graduates. With this launch, the startup aims to create a positive job ecosystem for 20mn college students.

Launching the AI-Based Preparation Platform, Nikhil Chainani – Founder; Perspectico commented, “With our research & development we have seen that college graduates when looking for a job becomes very confused as most of the job platforms are scattered.  Keeping this in mind, we built this common tech platform that will help not only have all the details on job opening but it will also prepare them to find their right job thus providing the right direction & guidance so that they can shine in their respective careers.”

This job preparation platform is India’s first relevant and guided job preparation tool. This will help the students with all the recommendations and evaluation which is required to get fully prepared for the job market. The highlight of AI-based the platform is that it provides a market place for job openings across India to the college graduates on a real-time basis. In case students profile is not suitable, the AI Engine recommends the online course to improve their areas that need attention. A student can also undertake a self-evaluation test to measure competencies.  These tests include subjective, MCQ & Situational tests.

In addition, students are provided with Preparation materials, in-house courses, mentorship and interview guidance.

About Perspectico

Established in November 2017, Perspectico (DU backed & uincept accelerator) is an AI-Tech startup which is working towards creating a positive job ecosystem. Using its in-house Data Intelligence and Psychology, the company develops tech solutions for the hiring industry as per the job aspirant mindset & scalability thus providing a competitive advantage. In the last 3 years, Perspectico has grown manifold from being typical traditional to becoming fully digitized adopting new-age technologies like AI. Perspectico made a golden pivot into becoming a scalable, tech product company. It is also now building technology products suitable for the hiring & Job ecosystem in India.


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